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For those of you that have never used free source code, here are some helpful comments. All source code is NOT free. Most works on the Internet are copyrighted information, including ours specifically. If there is a banner at the bottom of our page that says (as on this page) "Do NOT Copy This Page" or "Page Protected by COPYSCAPE Do Not Copy"; then you MAY NOT copy it, or any portion of it!. Do NOT use it or any part of it. Unless the author says you can use it, don't! If you do, you leave yourself exposed to the consequesnces of Copyright violations; they can be severe and expensive to you. In our case, if a page (other than this one) has the OpenShareIcon.Com The OpenShare Icon on it just below the header near the right side of the page, you may use the source code. (We hope that you will acknowledge us if you do use it, but most of all, we hope you LEARN from this source code.) Taking source code without permission (even a small part of it) is a violation of International and Domestic copyright laws and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998, the EU Copyright Directive of 2001 and the 1996 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) treaties.

Most free source code, including ours, is designed to teach rather than do a specific job. While we have had "free source code" for some pages since the mid-1990s offered on parts of our site, as of 7/1/2009, we are involved in a major upgrade and rewrite of the section of our site offering them and of the pages themselves. We are making every attempt to make the code easier to use, easier to understand and easier to learn from it. It is a rare occasion in fact, that a free snippet or script actually does what you would like for it to do, without modification. Methodology, formulae, style and presentation are generally what you are looking for. Look at the source code; study it carefully. Some is general and liberal; some is very specific. Make sure that you evaluate how the coding is actually done in your finished product. Most snippets are very "loose" in the coding; they have no error traps and do not have all loose ends tied. That is the sort of thing that search engines (and end users) DO NOT like. Some scripting starting base is also specific. For instance, some JavaScripts will run under JS 1.2 or 1.3 but not lower implementations. The same is true of HTML, DHTML and XML. Our snippets scripts will work just as they are if copied in full. Add in the proper coding for your page (see the minimums below). Once you make changes, test often so that you have an idea what changes may cause problems. If you experience problems with your coding in a script from us, look for errors such as spelling, capitalization (upper and lower case variables are NOT the same variable), variables being defined correctly, functions being activated in the body tag, and browser specific operations (some scripts will NOT run in some browsers and some HTML will be different from one browser to another). The HTML portion of your page should be carefully checked. If you open "something", close it. Go back one or two steps in order to determine what has caused the problem; do this OFTEN so that you can maintain a stable platform. The following is a MINIMUM page for current HTML standards.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<!-- Your name, any credits, as well as specific source info -->
<!-- should go here, along with any detail comments for -->
<!-- others that might follow you or look at the coding. -->
<title>This will appear on the title line of the browser</title>
<!-- Meta tag information should go here -->
There should be only one (1) body statement, along with other information about the beginning of the body, such as loading a particular function or script. You should close it, and other HTML tags. (If you are uncertain about the above Meta tag information, use our HTML META Tag Generator And Calculator to create your own.

We have also created many Code Generators (including the Meta Tag Generator above) to help you with the tough parts of many JavaScript and HTML coding specifics; use them to create a model or the actual code you can use. They will save you COUNTLESS hours of troubleshooting and debugging. Many schools, universtities and colleges use them are part of thier curriculum. They are there for YOUR use also.

Scripts generally go in the HEAD area but not always. They may work just as well in the body, they may work better in the body or they may work ONLY in the body but that is what you find out in testing, or can see in our examples. There are also often more ways than one to do things; we have provided at least one. Execution order is important; case sensitivity is mandatory! We have put in specific comments in most of the scripts that are visible when the code is viewed. I want to impress upon you again that while the snippets we have provided do work and do the job stated, they are loose. That means they are probably not error trapped and may not be able to be used directly without additional effort on YOUR part. They may do some things but not EVERYTHING within the scope of what subject they approach. They may not do things the way YOU want them to do things or expect them to do things. There is not implied or expressed ANY statement of fitness for any of these snippets. The primary purpose of them is to teach you through demonstration and exposure. If you use them, you bear the SOLE responsibility of fitness and correctness.

We will be delighted to help you in any way we can; however, there will be NO support for items on this list. Take the time to learn! If you cannot find the concept you are looking for, you can contact us about that and we will try to find something WE feel will work for you. E-Mail is usually the best and quickest way to get in touch with us. Most of the phones are busy most of the time; all of the phones some of the time and some of the phones all of the time. We are often told that we need more phone lines because someone could not reach us; the line was busy. If we had more lines, we would need more people and the situation would probably stay the same. We find that we can usually send an E-Mail link to enable a problem resolution much faster than trying to explain it to someone that is not a knowledgeable computer person. That encourages the recipient to approach the problem or resolution at his own pace and with no pressure. It allows time to learn rather than just attempting to follow verbal instructions that have no immediate meaning. For us that is a minute or less against a phone call of half an hour. Often we can help someone at no cost in that manner as opposed to having to charge for the time. On the other hand, if the process is best done by phone, we will do it. If you are looking for Remote Assistance or Help Desk Support for the purposes of setting a time for us to help you, be sure to mention it in your initial E-Mail.

If you would like to contact us about specifics, other than source code issues, please see our Contact Page. Our individual E-Mail addresses are such that they are intentionally protected from spammers and E-Mail robots, collecting names and addresses for all kinds of reasons, a few of which are acceptable but most of which are not. *** IMPORTANT *** If your browser is NOT JAVA and JavaScript enabled, it should be (not only for us but the entire Internet uses that technology... even Microsoft...). However, if you choose to miss out on so much useful and interesting information, you can contact us by manually inserting the following name in your E-Mail client... webmaster at our domain, csgnetwork.com, in the normal format. You may also use the form below...

If you prefer to schedule an appointment for service or support via Internet form, your may schedule an appointment here. Do your best departmental selection process and send as much information as possible in the first E-Mail. We'll do our best to help you. Thanks for stopping by... By the way, if you find our site helpful, please refer it to a friend.

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Every contact reply is read by a human, some more human than others. If you would like to make comments or suggestions, or request specific information, please fill out the form below. We would also appreciate hearing if you were able to get the information you wanted and how you came to visit the CSG site. We appreciate your visit! So that we can get back to you, please include your valid E-Mail address. Verify that it is correct.

CSGNetwork is responsible for content on our domain but assumes no responsibility for continuity of links to other Internet locations that are beyond our control. Things change; Microsoft buys new companies! (They may own the government soon...) If you find a link that is no longer valid, please let us know. Thank you!

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