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For the convenience of our online visitors, a form has been provided so that appointments can be tentatively scheduled via the web. Please fill out the forms below as completely as possible and click "submit." Depending on the date of your request, a service technician will confirm your appointment within 1-48 hours (usually within 2 hours during business hours, except on weekends), or will call to discuss alternate dates and times. Note that appointment requests submitted online Friday evening through Sunday will not be confirmed until the following Monday, or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday.

Please allow a lead time of at least five business days for all non-emergency appointments. An appointment calculator in the form below will suggest the earliest date that may be available to you. If you have an emergency or any other extenuating circumstances that MANDATE an appointment sooner than five business days from the time you click "submit" below, please call us instead of using this form. 760-327-8289. It is probable that we would get to you anyway but the phone will assure that we know you have an emergency. We ONLY schedule our service calls within 100 miles of Palm Springs. We WILL support and do REMOTE software service, in or out of our local service area, if your computer is running and has broadband. Please view our Remote Support assistance page to plan for and schedule your remote assistance.

The fields below in red are mandatory. Without this information, we may not be able to properly process your request.

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For our established customers, supplying this detailed information will facilitate CSG to check our records for details on the history and bulletins of the equipment. For example, assuming that we have serviced your equipment in the past, we will review the work done on it previously.
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