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This combination code generator and calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This utility, the most extensive on the Internet, is designed to create optimized META tags for use in HTML files. The tags that are listed BOLD are the essential tags, used by all search engines. Most of the larger search engines use the rest but with less importance. Some do not use all of them. We suggest using them anyway. Be sure to check for DUPLICATE tags. Make sure you do not have multiples of <HTML>, <HEAD> or </HEAD>. If you have multiples of the META tags, only the last is considered. Robots do NOT like multiples! It is important the generated lines be placed at the beginning of your document.

There are three methods of placing data into the generator. Type the data into the boxes provided. Be careful not to exceed the allowed characters on those with character counters. Select the data from the drop down boxes; some has data that is all that is allowed. Others are more liberal and while some options have been giver in drop down boxes, you may select other and define your own in the text box provided. The size of the box does NOT limit the number of characters. On those with option boxes, you can also select an option and add something to the end of it; precede it with a space.

META tags have two possible attributes, <META HTTP-EQUIV="name" CONTENT="content"> or <META NAME="name" CONTENT="content">. META tags should be placed in the head of the HTML document, between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags. This is especially important in documents using FRAMES as they have no other way of providing information of the document. META tags with an HTTP-EQUIV attribute are equivalent to HTTP headers. Typically, they control the action of browsers, and may be used to refine the information provided by the actual headers. Tags using this form should have an equivalent effect when specified as an HTTP header, and in some servers may be translated to actual HTTP headers automatically or by a pre-processing tool. META tags with a name attribute are used for other types which do not correspond to HTTP headers. Sometimes the distinction is blurred; some agents may interpret tags such as KEYWORDS declared as either NAME or as HTTP-EQUIV.

The possible tags are updated often; use this page as often as you like. We intentionally have avoided tags that create problems for robots, such as Refresh. Time options are at best ambiguous in META tags. The WWWC (commonly known as the W3.ORG) has given this position, http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-datetime, on time in the ISO 8601 format as it relates to use on the Internet and in particular, within META tags. However, the generally accepted format is a non-standard, RFC 1123, http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1123.txt. While time is not often used within tags, the expire tag as well as the date of creation tag, last update and version tags usually have a time within them. If you are interested in those tags or that format, our ISO 8601 calculator may also be of interest to you. Often, robots and search engines do not pick up those tags but they are always of assistance to programmers and site builders if they are kept up to date, in a timely fashion. They should be near the bottom of the tags, if not THE bottom; you may cut and paste them to last if you desire.

Enter your selections and click on Create META tags. Your ready to cut and paste tags will appear in the area below. If you see that there are items you wish to change, you only need to change the boxes that have the content you wish to change and then click on the Create META tags button again. The modified ready to cut and paste information will over write what was there previously. You may cut and paste in a conventional manner, or you may click on Copy All To The Clipboard and then paste into the document of your choice.

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