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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Start by entering your monthly or annual electricity use in kilowatt hours (KWHs). Your electric bill is a good place to find that information. Then select the kind of fuel the plant supplying your power uses. The result is figured in pollutants from the creation of electricity process, and water used, both on an annual basis. You might wish to visit our our appliance cost calculator for residential use, our commercial energy cost calculator, our generic energy cost calculator for additional information, and our carbon pollution calculator.

Required Data Entry
Usage Of    KWH   Produced By  Fuel
Calculated Annual Resulting Pollutants
SO2 Sulphur Dioxide - Associated with visible pollution (haze) and acid rain. 
NOx Oxides of Nitrogen - Created when nitrogen is burned as part of the combustion process, one of the main causes of ozone (smog), also associated with acid rain.
PM10 Particulate matter smaller then 10 microns - associated with lung ailments.
CO2 CO2, Carbon Dioxide, is a normal atmospheric component. However, increased levels are likely to cause future climate changes.
VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds - One of the primary causes of ozone (smog), also some of the individual compounds are toxic.

Cooling Water Consumption
GallonsBecause power plants are typically only about 36 percent efficient, they throw off an enormous amount of waste heat. This is typically dissipated by evaporating water, making power plants rather large water consumers.
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