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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This is designed to give the approximate calculations of what various every day actions by Americans create in the form of carbon pollution. Americans are very concerned about the likelihood that "greenhouse gases," the most common of which is carbon dioxide (CO2), will cause the Earth's climate to significantly change.

Assuming you are like most Americans, each time you drive your car, hop on a plane, flick on a light, or consume energy in other ways, you contribute in a small way to this effect. Are you at all curious about how much your personal contribution toward pollution is? Find out by answering the questions below. (This information is compiled from numerous public information government and private sources.) You might wish to visit our energy cost calculator for additional information, and our electric power pollution calculator.

Auto Transportation
travel of miles, at miles per gallon, burns gallons
of gasoline annually, putting pounds of carbon (about 5 lbs/gal) into our air, about pounds for every mile you drive.
Air Transportation
travel of miles via commercial airline puts about pounds
of carbon into our air annually.

Home Electric Usage
use of kilowatt-hours of electricity, if your power plant generates
power from puts pounds of carbon into our air each year.
Home Natural Gas Usage
use of Therms (Or ccf - hundred cubic feet) of Natural Gas
contributes pounds of carbon to our air each year.
Home Fuel Oil Usage
use of gallons of Fuel Oil adds pounds of carbon to our
air each year.
Your Share In Blame
Your total atmospheric carbon contribution is approximately pounds per
year. That's pounds of carbon dioxide. By the way, this does not include
all of the energy spent to produce all of the goods that you buy annually. Your share
might then double these numbers!
What Can I Do
"How much additional forest or greenery would be required to remove my CO2?"
According to EPA information, it would take approximately full grown trees,
or about pounds of mature shrubs, plants and greens, to remove your
year's worth of carbon production. Instead, why not use common sense to conserve?
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