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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This electrical operating cost calculator for appliances will help you to estimate the cost of operating any typical residential (see our equipment cost calculator for commercial use) electrical appliance, based on your data entry values for the average KWH (kilowatt hour) useage per day, and on the average cost per KWH (currently $0.10120 per KWH), as determined from your electric bill. (Though the national default is SHOWN, you MUST enter YOUR billing information!) The fields in light blue are required data entry in order to determine the results in the other fields. The first section deals with data from your bill. The national average per KWH as of 2/15/2002 is about $0.10120, generally less in the South and more in the North and West. If yours is SIGNIFICANTLY different, verify your bill and perhaps check with your energy provider. The second sections deals with a generic appliance. It could be a light, a fan, an air conditioner or any other appliance. There are three given ways to determine the load of the appliance. The most accurate is the watts rating of the appliance. It is usually on a sticker or placard on the back or bottom, or on the information sheet that came with the appliance. As an easy example, the light bulb in a night light is usually 7 watts; a normal light bulb might be 100 watts. The next most accurate alternative, current, is by the amps drawn when under load. A small television might have an amperage rating of 2 amps. The least accurate is the voltage. Generally, the published voltages in the US for residential use are 110 and 220. Heavier appliances like an electric oven or range, or an air conditioner are 220. Most everything else is 110. (Those figures are not really accurate but are the PUBLISHED values.) If this option is used, accuracy is poor at best. Only use ONE of the three options, preferable wattage or amperage. Then click on Calculate for the results to be displayed. You may change values and recalculate or click on Clear Values to start over. (If you don't know the required data, you might want to visit our generic electrical energy costs calculator that uses national averages for appliances and devices.) This is generic to all electrical energy providers. You might wish to visit our energy pollution calculator for additional information, and our carbon pollution calculator.

Enter The Amount Of Your Last Electric Bill
Enter The Total KWH's Used For The Billing
Your Calculated Average Cost Per KWH Is
Enter The Appliance Watts Rating
   ==> If Watts Rating Unknown, Enter Amps Rating
   ==> If Watts Rating Unknown, Enter Volts
Enter The Daily Average Number Of Hours The Appliance Is Used
Appliance Daily Average KWH's
This Appliance's Daily Average Operating Cost
This Appliance's This Month's Operating Cost
This Appliance's Projected Annual Operating Cost
This Appliance's Operating Cost Percentage Of This Bill

Updated 8.15.11

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