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All of the HTML and scripts released for "cut and paste" delivery have been written by us and have been written for specific purposes, such as for use on the Internet or on our customers' LAN and Intranet servers. There is no end user support on these scripts (unless they have been specifically licensed from us or unless you wish to engage us to assist you at our standard rates) but they have been used multiple times on multiple LAN, Internet and Intranet servers. Most scripts will require interfacing into other HTML code but the code as it is delivered, does run without error, for the purpose for which it was written. Areas causing problems while interfacing that are most often overlooked, or incorrectly handled, are the BODY tag, FORM tag and the correct placement of the script, within the page. To return to the main menu for our usable code files, click here! See specific information about the code on this page and other legal disclosures below the local search box.

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All information on this site is copyrighted intellectual property of Computer Support Group, Inc. (a California corporation) and CSGNetwork. All US and International copyright laws are in effect and applicable to the materials on this site. The script or HTML in the delivery box ON THIS PAGE has been released from the usage portion of our copyright. You may use this in any way you wish but we do require that you retain our commented information within the code and clearly place a link to our index page at CSGNetwork.Com. That link is provided in the delivery box code also. You may not use any information, graphics, text or intellectual property from anywhere on this site UNLESS the page specifically allows you to copy it from a delivery box, or supplies other materials download information. We accept no responsibility for accuracy, usability or how you actually use it on your page.

This script is designed to present a numeric value in a text box and allow the use of arrows or direct change in order to further use the value in other calculations. By moving the left, right, up or down arrows, the value in the box increases or decreases. Manual change is also permitted.

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