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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give a projection of the number of hits in a season, based on the current number of hits and number of games into the season. The formulae for this page are listed below but you may also visit our Baseball Pitching Stats Formulae page, or our Baseball Offensive Stats Formulae page for other formulae. Enter the data that you have in the required data section, including the number of current hits and the number of games into the season. If this is a major league team, the default of 162 games is correct but you can modify it to whatever you like. Then click on Calculate. You may change a field and re-calculate with other values remaining the same. You may also click on Clear Values and reset all fields and results to initial value defaults. All of the result fields are for calculated answers only and ARE NOT editable. All fields require NUMERIC entry only! Please see our defensive stats calculator, or our pitching and defensive stats combined calculator. Disclaimer... This projection is made using a ratio and proportion that generally over the course of a season is very accurate; however, factors such as injury, weather, trades, management decisions, sanctions, good luck, bad luck, slumps and "hot streaks" may have an effect on the statistics that are unpredictable.

Projected Seasonal Hits Calculator
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These are the formulae used in determining the statistics calculations:

Games Remaining = Games In Season - Games Played

Projected Hits = Hits / Games Played * Games In Season

Projected Hits to Games Ratio = Games In Season / Projected Hits

See our Baseball Offensive Stats Formulae page.

See our Baseball Pitching Stats Formulae page.

Formulae based on information from Major League Baseball and Baseball Scorecard.

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