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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. It is to determine the area of a square, triangle (by base and height or by 3 sides), rectangle, circle or sphere. It was our FIRST multi-purpose calculator in JavaScript and the abilities for getting data into the calculator were limited then. You may have to "allow an interactive page" on some modern browsers. Select the object from the options then answer the questions about length, width and height. All entres should be numeric. The method used for entry is through pop-up prompts, a now outdated method of data entry, asking for certain information. It is a unique but antiquated way to obtain a response for the user and we have made this into a free source calculator, available in our Math Area Subroutines And Snippets Source Code For Converters and Calculators (WOW... that name takes a lot of area!), because of that. It has been one of our most popular over the years. We also had a second version of it that covers other objects, also retired to snippets. We have a more modern version that covers both (and more) here. The answer is returned as a number, based on your entries. A newer calculator, the CSG Area Calculator covers both. Enjoy! If you still wish to find perhaps other area or volume calculators, this is the area...
Find the area of a The area is Square Units.

Version 1.0.1

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