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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator was designed to give critical information about recent and future lunar eclipses for points in the World.

Please select the eclipse event of interest to you from the drop down list. Then, enter a place name for the returned information table header; you can enter any identifier, or none as this is merely used for YOUR information and not for ID of the area. You should however, avoid using punctuation characters. The data will be calculated for the longitude and latitude you enter below. Then enter the longitude and latitude information for the location you wish. For locations that require it, the time zone can be entered in hours and a fraction. For example, for locations in India, the time zone may be entered as 5.5 hours east of Greenwich. The time zone field can accommodate up to five characters. Providing that information allows for the proper return of information with the correct offset from GMT. (A working local timezone identifier and offset calculator is below to help with that information. If your zone is East of Greenwich, the offset is + hours; if you are West of Greenwich, the offset is - hours. For instance, California in the USA is - hours while Beijing is + hours. For our input, we only want the offset (not + or -) and if you are West or East.) Then click on "Submit". Information about the event you have chosen will be returned to you with relevance to your location. Click on "Return to Form" to try another location or event. Information provided is from the U.S. Naval Oceanography public information data sources and is used with permission of the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command. NOTE: If your town is in the United States and you do NOT have latitude and longitude information, you may use the United States Lunar Eclipse Calculator to get information.

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