USA Lunar Eclipse Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator was designed to give critical information about recent and future lunar eclipses for points in the United States.

Please select the eclipse event of interest to you from the drop down list. Then select your state or territory from that drop down list. Finally, enter your city or town. If your city or town has a prefix, such as St. Louis, spell out place name prefixes, as in "East Orange", "Fort Lauderdale", "Mount Vernon", etc. The only exception is "St.", which is entered as an abbreviation with a period, as in "St. Louis". The city or town name you enter above must be a city or town in the United States; the location will be retrieved from a file with over 20,000 communities listed. Any combination of upper or lower case letters are legitimate. Then click on "Submit". Assuming a match, information about the event you have chosen will be returned to you with relevance to your location, including the time offset from GMT. Click on "Return to Form" to try another location or event. Information provided is from the U.S. Naval Oceanography public information data sources and is used with permission of the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command. NOTE: If for some reason your town is NOT listed, you may use the World Lunar Eclipse Calculator to get information. It requires latitude and longitude information for the location reference and requires time offset for local time reference.

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Updated 8.15.11

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