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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to determine the measurement of an advanced (or retarded) degree setting on a harmonic balancer. If you determine TDC (Top Dead Center) and check the balancer, then you may utilize this calculator to provide the information to mark the exact degree setting you would like to use. Once Top Dead Center has bee found with a dial indicator or by other accurate means and have installed the harmonic with a timing tab, this calculator will determine your exact mark (in inches) at whatever degree you indicate in the data entry. Enter the number of inches for the diameter of your harmonic balancer. Also enter the degree setting for your desired data to determine the mark distance. The calculated result is the distance in inches from the TDC mark. In most cases the mark will advance that number of inches but if you desire a retarded mark, enter a negative number of degrees.

For purposes of OUR calculator, we define Duration as the number of degrees of crankshaft rotation that a port is open. Port timing is the degrees of crankshaft rotation after TDC to where port starts to open. Top Dead Center (TDC) is the top of the piston's stroke and Bottom Dead Center (BDC) is the bottom of the piston's stroke. A Port is an airway or duct that is cast or machined into the cylinder. The Crank Angle is the crankshaft rotation measured in degrees. There are 360 degrees total.

Obviously, this is a very close approximation due to small inaccuracies on variable data input. Also please see our Port Height Above BDC Timing Calculator for two cycle engines and our Port Timing Duration Calculator, also for two cycle engines.

Required Data Entry
Balancer Diameter Inches
Desired Setting Degrees
Calculated Results
Distance from TDC Inches
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