Worldwide Sunrise, Sunset
And Twilight Time Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script displays the GMT calculated time information, anywhere in the world, for the sunrise, sunset and twilight times, based on the latitude and longitude of the area. (We have a newer version that displays this information and more. We have supplied three diverse areas as examples, but you can (obviously), select your own. To determine the information for any area, enter the latitude in the range of -90 degrees to +90 degrees, South (the negative entries), or North; also enter the longitude in the range of -180 degrees to +180 degrees, West (the negative entries), or East. All entries are in decimal degrees. Also enter the date, month and year of the objective information. (The limitation is only that the year falls between 1901 and 2099.) Click on Calculate to display the information. If you would like to convert the GMT to your local time, please use our Time Zone Converter. You may click Clear Values to do another. More latitude and longitude information...

If you do not know how to find the latitude and longitude of a particular location, check the information about the city, a local airport or similar important landmark as it is generally published and available as public information, or you may use our Zip Code Locator to determine what your latitude and longitude co-ordinates are, returned in decimal degrees (nice of us...). Many times those are published in degrees, minutes and seconds; to convert to decimal degrees, use our Degrees, Minutes And Seconds To Decimal Degrees And Radians Calculator. We also have several others that will also do the job.

All times in UTC (GMT)

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