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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Depending on your equipment, you may find this calculator more appropriate but take a look at our alternative Miter Saw Calculator to evaluate, or use or Miter Saw Blade Angle Calculator. This calculator is designed to return the saw and cutting information needed for cutting sloped sided regular polygons. For use in this calculator, the number of sides is that of a regular polygon; for example, 4 for a square or rectangle, but not for a diamond in which all 4 angles are not the same. This value is MANDATORY; you may change from the default so long as the polygon is regular. The miter angle (range 0 - 45 degrees) is the direct angle from the crosscut position, 90 degrees to horizontal. The tilt angle (0 - 45 degrees) is the direct angle from the vertical crosscut position, 90 degrees to vertical. The material slope angle is zero (range 0 - 90 degrees) for a perpendicular cut and 90 degrees for a quarter wedge shape cut. Enter the material slope within the limits; the miter angle and the saw tilt angle will be calculated. Enter the miter angle within the limits; the material angle and the saw tilt angle will be returned. Enter the saw tilt angle within the limits, for the miter angle and the material slope to be returned. After entering the number of sides and one other variable, click on Calculate. You may click on Clear Values to restore the defaults and allow you to start over. We strongly suggest that you make test pieces from scrap materials to insure that the saw is properly setup before cutting intended materials.

Miter Calculator
Saw Required Data Entry
Number Of Regular Polygon Sides Sides
Required Data Entry Any 1 Of 3 Below
Slope Angle Of Board (0 - 90) Degrees
Miter Angle Of Saw (0 - 45) Degrees
Tilt Of Saw (0 - 45) Degrees

Version 2.4.8

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