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Miter Saw Blade Angle Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to return the saw and cutting information needed for setting a complex single cut on a miter saw. Depending on your equipment, you may find this calculator more appropriate but take a look at our conventional Miter Saw Calculator to evaluate, or use or Miter Saw Cutting Calculator From Angles. For use in this calculator, the angle viewed from the top has a range of to 180 degrees. This value is MANDATORY; you may change from the default within that range. The primary plane angle (range 0 - 90 degrees) is the direct angle from horizontal. The secondary angle (0 - 9 degrees) is the other plane direct angle from horizontal. The default calculation below determines the miter between two planes, based on three angles that define the positioning of each plane. Our default information has a top angle of 90 degrees and each plane is elevated 45 degrees from horizontal. For these angles the saw setting to cut the miter is 30 degrees. After entering the angles, click on Calculate. You may click on Clear Values to restore the defaults and allow you to start over. We strongly suggest that you make test pieces from scrap materials to insure that the saw is properly setup before cutting intended materials.

Miter Calculator
Saw Required Data Entry
Primary Angle (Viewed From Top 0 to 180) Degrees
Primary Plane Angle From Horizontal (0 to 90) Degrees
Secondary Plane Angle From Horizontal (0 to 90) Degrees
Calculated Result
Saw Setting Degrees

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