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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the critical information used by the communications industry, of a given satellite with relation to the Earth. Select the altitude entry designation of kilometers or miles (statute, based on NASA's standards) and enter the value based on a perpendicular to the Earth from the satellite at the highest point in the orbit. You may use our Nautical And Statute Mile Converter or the Kilometer Nautical And Statute Mile Converter if you wish to analyze data in nautical miles. Click on Calculate and all relevant data is returned. The angular altitude is any distance from a point on Earth to the satellite; it is sometimes called the slant distance. The angular range is the direct distance to the satellite from any point on Earth and from the satellite to any other point on Earth; the maximum is always considered as to and from line of sight in a three dimensional state. (Line of sight in this sense is the direct line from any point on Earth to the satellite, unblocked by the surface of the Earth's curvature. True sight visibility is not important.) The surface range is the Earth surface distance from one point that has sight of the satellite to another that has sight also at that same time. The orbit revolution time is that time required for ONE complete revolution of the Earth. The visibility half-angle is the calculated angle of direct potential line of sight to a perpendicular to the Earth from the satellite. The maximum visibility time is at ANY given point on Earth, in an optimum position. The satellite velocity is the constant speed of the satellite in the orbit.

Required Data Entry
Satellite Altitude Units Altitude ASL

Calculated Results
Based On the Orbit Altitude Of Miles Kilometers
Maximum Angular Altitude Miles
Maximum Angular Altitude KM
Maximum Angular Range Miles
Maximum Angular Range KM
Maximum Surface Range Miles
Maximum Surface Range KM
Satellite Orbit Velocity Miles/Second
Satellite Orbit Velocity Miles/Hour
Satellite Orbit Velocity KM/Second
Satellite Orbit Velocity KM/Hour
Orbit Revolution Time Minutes
Visibility Half-Angle Degrees
Maximum Visibility Time Minutes
Updated 8.15.11

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