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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script creates a relatively secure password for use on any password system, limited only to the restrictions of the system it will be used within. Each password should be defined by the characters that are allowed on the target system, possibilities include upper and lower case letters, numerals, other viable characters, and various combinations of the afore mentioned (single and double quotes are not allowed on most systems so we do not allow them as viable characters). To create the passwords first chose the number of passwords you would like to have generated (with a maximum of 40), then chose the length of the desired passwords (with a maximum length of 64 characters), and finally chose the character sets appropriate for the system you are using. You may select one of the generated passwords, highlight it, and copy it to another application if you desire.

The most commonly used passwords are alphanumeric, including both upper and lower case letters, on most systems. Most systems limit the length of passwords to 8 characters, but there are cases of legal passwords with many more than that as needed. There are instances where some very high security systems include spaces (the character generated by the space bar) in a password. We are not using spaces in the generation of passwords and we do NOT suggest using spaces. To clear the entries in the created password box click on Clear Values.

If you would like to determine the odds on cracking a password, please try our Password Possible Options Calculator or if you are looking to create a "password" for your wireless network, otherwise known as a WEP encryption key, should check out our WEP Encryption Key Calculator.

Required Data Entry
     Total number of passwords to be generated [40 Max.]
     Number of characters in each password generated [128 Max.]
Possible Valid Password Characters
     Include Numerals [0-9]
     Include Lower Case Letters [a-z]
     Include Upper Case Letters [A-Z]
     Include Special Characters [! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = { } [ ] | \ / ? : ; < > , . ~]
     Check/Uncheck All
Yield Possible Passwords

You may use the clipboard for these results.
Created Passwords
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