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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script calculates a computer created random WEP key, used in WI-FI applications, as well as other encryption schemes. As is the case with much of the computer industry, TANS has an effect on WI-FI and 802.11 technology. The methodology that one manufacturer uses for WEP encryption is not universal. Some use a 24-bit internal key to trigger the encryption. The depth of possible encryption varies also. We have tried to cover (as of this writing) all of the known encryption depth possibilities, all the way back to 8-bits and to 256-bits. For instance, if your WAP allows 64-bit encryption, you may or may not be able to use a FULL 64 bits. If that manufacturer uses the 24-bit internal trigger key, you may only be able to use a 40-bit entry. That is technically called 64-bit BASE encryption. For many of the encryption depths, we offer both full and base choices. Select the quantity of characters in the ASCII character pool. Selecting the default of Maximum gives a pool of all of the upper and lower case letters, the numbers and the special ASCII characters, such as $, #, etc., 95 total possibilities. Selecting Minimum as some manufacturers require, limits the pool to only upper and lower case letters and the numbers, 62 possibilities. Then select the bit key length to calculate and press the corresponding button in either full or base; the ASCII or HEX key generated can then be copied to your clipboard manually by a cut-and-paste operation or by clicking on the appropriate Copy To Clipboard button to the right of the Calculated Key field. If you are a MAC or Apple product user, you will need to add "$" to the front of the created string. Regenerating a new or different key will clear all previous values. Also be aware that the depth of encryption has a definite effect on throughput of the data. The more encryption depth; the less throughput value. In situations where speed issues are not important, or in low traffic networks, the actual visibility of the degradation may never show up. Degradation is most prevalent in public access hot spots. See our WI-FI Hot Spot Locator.

You can also Calculate a custom WEP key based on your own chosen phrase or other text input. Enter the ASCII text or string you wish to use as the key. All legal characters are accepted in this field, no matter what the selection of the buttons at the top of the automatic calculator. The number of characters is show and upon clicking the Calculate Custom Key button, both the ASCII and HEX generation keys will be shown.
WEP Key Generator
Required Data Entry
Use maximum legal ASCII characters Use only ASCII numbers and letters
8 Bit Key 1 Byte    
16 Bit Key 2 Bytes    
24 Bit Key 3 Bytes    
32 Bit Key 4 Bytes    
40 Bit Key 5 Bytes    
64 Bit Key 8 Bytes    
104 Bit Key 13 Bytes    
128 Bit Key 16 Bytes    
152 Bit Key 19 Bytes    
232 Bit Key 29 Bytes    
256 Bit Key 32 Bytes    
Custom WEP Key (all legal ASCII characters accepted)
Manual 8 Bits Each ASCII Custom Phrase Entry
Characters 8 Bits Each Count In Bytes    
Calculated ASCII and HEX Keys
ASCII 8 Bits Each
HEX 8 Bits Each

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