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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to assist programmers in calculations of various base numbers used in programming. It will add, subtract, multiply and divide values of any combination of Decimal, Hexadecimal (Hex), Octal or Binary numbers. Enter the primary number (in any of the four bases; make sure it is valid) first, select the base, then enter the secondary number (also in any of the four bases) for the calculation, select that base, select the operation (add, subtract, multiply or divide). Select the base you desire for the answer and click on Calculate. You MAY cross bases! The second number is added to the first, is subtracted from the first, it multiplies the first or it divides the first, based on your selection of the operation; values are calculated to 18 digits. You may click on Clear Values to do another.

Since you are probably a programmer if you are using this (who else would need to do this?), we are not checking validity of the numeric input for math calculations. Hopefully, you know what you are doing. Please verify your own entries. Remember that valid number entries for the different bases are as follows:

Hex = 0123456789abcdef | Decimal = 0123456789 | Octal = 01234567 | Binary = 01

If there are other features that you feel would be helpful, let us know. Enjoy!

Programmer's Number Calculator
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Calculated Results
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Updated: 8/17/11

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