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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the percentage change from one number value to another, on a per capita basis. If you just need information on percent change, use our Percentage Change Calculator. If you need to obtain the percentage of hours of the day, try our Hours In The Day Percentage Calculator. If you need to obtain the percentage of days of the month, try our Days In The Month Percentage Calculator.

Changes over time can be well illustrated by percent change. However, if another variable, population, is added, that percentage must be on a per capita basis to show accurate figures. For instance in the city of Palm Springs, in the year 1993, there were 1000 pets registered with the city. In 1995, there were 1100 pets. It is obvious that we increased the number of pets by 100 and the percentage of change, is an increase of 10 percent. If the population was 10000 people in 1994 and 13000 people in 1995, did we actually increase the ratio of pets to population, or decrease it on a per capita basis?

To determine that, you must divide the number of pets by the number of people in the city.

Required Data Entry
Original Number
Second Number
Original Population
Second Population

Calculated Results
Number Difference
Percentage Change
Original Per 100,000 Value
Second Per 100,000 Value
Per Capita Change
Population Change
Updated 8.17.11

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