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Google Monthly Projected Revenue Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the projected earnings in a month of Google advertising and the percentage of the expired and remaining days in a month. (See our similar Google Daily Projected Revenue By Hour Calculator and our Google Monthly Change Calculator.) This data is often used in Internet business and financial calculations, and projections by Google hosts of the AdSense program. By definition, percentage is a fraction or ratio expressed as part of 100. To determine the expired days percentage, divide the expired days of the month by the days in the month. Valid entries for days in the month are only 28, 29, 30 and 31. The projected earnings are a ratio and proportion of current earnings, based on the expired days, to the entire month. (For a better understanding of ratio and proportion, see our Percentage Proportion Calculator.) Valid entries for expired days are from 0 to the number of days entered for the month; any dollar and cents amount is valid for the current earnings or partial earnings. Decimal fractions are legitimate for the days. Results are the actual earnings figure used in the calculations (applicable if a partial earnings figure is used), the number of days remaining in the month, the percentage of days expired, the earned average hourly rate (of the expired days), the earned average daily rate (of the expired days), the percentage of days remaining and the projected earnings for the month. The default entry for the days of the month is 30, the default for the expired days is 1, the default for the current earnings is $10.00, and the default for partial earnings is $0.00. Keep in mind that this is a projected calculation that is possibly flawed if the days of the month have different and not really proportional earnings; for instance, sites that are visited by business people and/or students tend to have lower earnings on weekends and holidays. The higher the number of expired days, the lower the probability for error; at least 7 is pretty reliable.

A suggestion for greater accuracy of the values you enter (and subsequently get back) is as follows: If you are observing your earnings on your account and you are partially through a day, subtract mentally the amount for that day from the total for the month. In the expired days field, put in the number of days NOT including the partial day. That should yield a much closer daily earned value and hourly earned value. Or, you may enter the partial day earnings in the partial earnings field and it will be deducted for you from the current earnings in the calculation, the earnings figure used will show in the earnings used field. Again, in the expired days field, put in the number of days NOT including the partial day.

Required Data Entry
Days In The Month
Expired Days
Current Earnings (dollars and cents)
Partial Earnings (dollars and cents)

Calculated Results
Earnings Used (dollars and cents)
Remaining Days
Expired Days Percentage
Earned Daily Average Rate
Earned Hourly Average Rate
Remaining Days Percentage
Projected Amount
Updated 8.17.11

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