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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. It is designed to convert Morse Code symbols of dots and dashes typed into the input field into text. Code is most frequently used by hams (amateur radio operators) in the current era of electronics. It is often used by pilots as station identifiers. Place the code in the input box for conversion (upper box), and click on Convert. The appropriate translation will appear in the lower box of the converter. (Depending on the browser's capability, the code to text translation MAY appear in real time characters.) In this translation, when the actual code appears, spaces between words are symbolized with the plus character (+) for ease of separation. It was chosen so that code (dots and dashes) could be easily entered from the 10 key pad. It is NOT a requirement to insert a plus between the characterized words for translation back to text but it makes for a much easier to manually read code and translation if you do. (Extra spaces are NOT considered by the translator.) Also, the translation from code to text cannot determine the case of characters. All characters are lower case. The displayed alpha characters to and from the code are separated with normal spaces. Here is more info on Morse Code. Enjoy!

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