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Morse Code Character Table

This table is the character chart for the code that is recognized as the International Morse Code. Morse code was created and invented by Samuel Morse in hopes of finding a long range method of communication. Initially, used the first time in Baltimore on May 24, 1844, patented 10 years later, the railroads were the primary early users. Morse Code over radio was later used in marine applications, subsequently graduating to aviation. Amateur radio operators, also known as hams, still use it, as do pilots and air traffic controllers. The international distress signal, SOS, is sent in Morse Code. For more on Mr. Morse and the Morse Code, you may wish to see information here...

Morse Code is a series of dots and dashes that represent the characters of the alphabet, allowing communications, though non-voice, from distant points. The dots are also known as "dits" while the dashes are known as "dahs" is spoken form. You may also wish to see one of our translators, Morse Code To Text Converter, Text To Morse Code Converter or Text To Morse Code And Morse Code To Text Converters.

A .- B -...
C -.-. D -..
E . F ..-.
G --. H ....
I .. J .---
K -.- L .-..
M -- N -.
O --- P .--.
Q --.- R .-.
S ... T -
U ..- V ...-
W .-- X -..-
Y -.-- Z --..
0 ----- 1 .----
2 ..--- 3 ...--
4 ....- 5 .....
6 -.... 7 --...
8 ---.. 9 ----.
Fullstop (period) .-.-.- Comma (,) --..--
Query (?) ..--.. Equals (=) -...-

Updated 8.17.11

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