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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator uses decimal degrees for latitude and longitude entry. If you only know the degrees in whole numbers (say from a news broadcast, that will give you a fairly close approximation. (If you know the degrees, minutes and seconds, you may want to use our Calculated Distances Between Longitude And Latitude Points online calculator utility or our Marine Navigation Information Calculator. Enter the latitude and longitude in degrees (decimal degrees for more accuracy) of a checkpoint and your start point (or any two known points), then click on the Calculate button to find the distance between them. Many of our visitors tell us that they use this calculator for tracking storms in relationship to the city where they live.

Required Data Entry
Start Point Lat: oN     Lon: oW
Check Point Lat: oN     Lon: oW
Approximate Distance Statute Miles
Approximate Distance Nautical Miles
Approximate Distance KM

Updated 8.15.11

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