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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator can be used to determine the 1st through 15th harmonic of any fundamental frequency. The frequency range can be in any hertz range (cycles) through gigahertz. The default primary frequency is that of alternating current (AC), 60 hertz (hz). Enter the frequency number; then click on Calculate to see the harmonics. You may click on Clear Values to start over. Electrical frequency harmonics are linear, so the linear math is obvious. To stop the harmonics, line filters or filters of the desired frequency or capacitors acting as filters will help.

Editor's Note: Over the past years that this calculator has been online, there have been two very different and diverse positions expressed concerning harmonics. The academia position is that the primary frequency is also the first harmonic. The other position is that the primary frequency cannot also be the first harmonic. Since it has created such controversy, we are no longer going to take a position on this as it takes up too much time. We have created a calculator for each point of view. This one assumes that the harmonic and the primary frequency cannot be the same. The alternate position is in this calculator.

Required Data Entry
Primary Frequency

Calculated Results
1ST Harmonic
2ND Harmonic
3RD Harmonic
4TH Harmonic
5TH Harmonic
6TH Harmonic
7TH Harmonic
8TH Harmonic
9TH Harmonic
10TH Harmonic
11TH Harmonic
12TH Harmonic
13TH Harmonic
14TH Harmonic
15TH Harmonic
Updated 8.15.11

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