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Single Round Golf Handicap Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give a golf handicap, based on only one round of golf. This is ONLY a method of arriving at a handicap. Though based on USGA formulae for handicap calculations as of 2002, a truer representation is determined from a larger number of scores. (See our standard golf handicap calculator.) In the calculator below, enter your score. Also the course rating and the course slope index, both of which can be determined from the scorecard information. Click on Calculate and the one round handicap will be determined. We also calculate the Index handicap and a USGA approved round down method is used to determine the factored handicap. Any fractional portion is rounded down to the previous whole number. If you wish to do the entire calculation again, without the entries you have entered, click on Clear Values. This calculator is for personal information only and may not be acceptable as a legal USGA handicap for a given event.

The formula for these calculations is identical to the USGA formula; however, these three different handicap values cover the majority of handicapping calculations worldwide. The differential is your score less the course rating. The USGA does not endorse this calculator or any other, other than their own.

Alternative USGA Handicap Calculator
Single Round Golf Handicap Required Data Entry
Your Score
Course Rating
Slope Rating

Calculated Results
Actual Handicap
Index Handicap
Factored Handicap
Updated: 8/17/11

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