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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give a golf handicap, based on at least 5 rounds of golf. (Our single round handicap calculator will calculate a temporary handicap, based on one round, until you can meet the requirements of this calculator.) This is a method of arriving at a handicap. Though based on USGA formulae for handicap calculations as of 2002, the fairest representation is determined from a large number of scores. The USGA uses your LAST 20 rounds as the basic guideline. A factored number of those best rounds are used. In the calculator below, enter your score for each round; click the button for the LAST round to be considered in this calculation. (It must be at least 5!) Also, enter the course rating and the course slope rating index, both of which can be determined from the scorecard information. Click on Calculate and the handicap will be determined. If you wish to do the entire calculation again, without any of the entries you have entered, click on Clear Values. This calculator is for personal information only and may not be acceptable as a legal USGA handicap for a given event.

The formula for these calculations is identical to the USGA formula; however, these three different handicap values cover the majority of handicapping calculations worldwide. USGA Rules Handicap Section 10-1 deals with handicap differentials and how to calculate them. The differential is your score less the course rating. The USGA does not endorse this calculator or any other, other than their own.

By definition, a USGA Handicap Index is a USGA mark that represents the potential ability of a player on a course of standard difficulty, as determined by the USGA. Potential ability is measured by a player's best scores, and is expressed as a number taken to one decimal place. These scores are identified by calculating the handicap differential for each score. The USGA Handicap Index is calculated by taking 96% of the average of the best handicap differentials, and applying USGA Rules Handicap Section 10-3 for golfers with two or more eligible tournament scores. A handicap differential is computed from four elements. Those are adjusted gross score, USGA Course Rating, USGA Course Slope Rating and 113 (the slope rating of a course of standard difficulty). To determine the handicap differential (Index), subtract the USGA Course Rating from the adjusted gross score; multiply the difference by 113; then divide the resulting number by the USGA Course Slope Rating. Round the final number to the nearest tenth. A factored handicap is reduced to the last whole number. As a formula,

Handicap Differential = ((Adjusted Gross Score - USGA Course Rating) x 113 / USGA Slope Rating)

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