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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. It is designed to return the inches equivalent of feet, inches and the decimal equivalent of a fraction. Enter the number of feet, the number of inches, the numerator, the upper part of the fraction, and the denominator, the lower part of a fraction. Then click on Calculate. For example, the fraction 1/2 has a numerator of 1 and a denominator of 2. If you use our example of 2 feet, 1 inch and the fraction 1/2, the inches and decimal equivalent is 25.5 after clicking on Calculate. The methodology is to multiply the number of feet by 12, add the number of inches, divide the numerator by the denominator, then add the decimal result to the number of inches. 12 x 2 = 24 inches, plus 1 inch, plus 1 divided by 2 = 25.5 in our example. If there is no fraction, fill the numerator and denominator fields with a 0 (zero); if the value for feet or inches is 0 (zero), put in a 0. Do not leave those fields blank. We also have a decimal convert utility for taking decimal values and converting them into fractions, the generic opposite of this calculator.

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