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This weather display page requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script allows for seven different weather displays to be shown on the same page, as determined and chosen by the viewer. The first two selections take weather from the stations every 5 to 15 minutes and display it in different ways. Our stations are Davis Vantage Pro 2 equipment and are professional grade stations. Our data is fed into the national online data for private stations and is used and picked up by many different weather information broadcasters including Google Weather, The Weather Channel, the National Weather Service and Weather Underground to name a few. We also use our own data for rebroadcast on our servers on the Internet and in our office; we have 3 WiFi devices rebroadcasting 24/7/365. We report via the Internet to MesoWest and ROMAN MesoWest with weather data for fire conditions, one of the MANY uses of private weather data reported. We are also part of the MADIS network. They take data every 3 to 12 minutes and post it to the network and subsequently that data is used by hundreds to thousands of broadcasters. The next three views are MADIS network information displayed differently. The fourth is a history of the weather from our stations, and the fifth is the area weather for Palm Springs, CA 92262 as determined from our stations. The last two are Citizen Weather Observation Program (CWOP) information sites that use our data. According to the National Weather Service, 90% of weather related reported data comes from private sources like us. Select the page you wish to view from the drop down selection box; or view each of them one at a time. You may need to use the horizontal and verticle slide bars for the full weather pages to be 100% visible, depending on the data; the pages vary in size from day to day and time to time due to the variations of data.

NOTE: If you would like to make a similar page to this (it does not have to be weather), a good starting place is in our Free Snippets for the URL On Page script.

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