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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. It is designed to convert alpha price codes typed into the input field into the numeric values for the clothing industry, small retail shops in particular. Codes of this type are most frequently used by small business owners to identify the cost of items for resale and may have dates and wholesaler identification within as well. They may be used in other ways to encrypt numeric information. Place the code letters in the input box for conversion (upper box), and click on Convert. Any that are not part of the actual code, used as confusing information, will be ignored. The appropriate translation will appear in the lower box of the converter. (Depending on the browser's capability, the code to number translation MAY appear in real time characters.) In this translation, when the actual translated code appears, spaces between groups of code are symbolized with the plus character (+) for ease of separation. (Extra spaces are NOT considered by the translator and size designations of ABCDEFGSMLXP are passed through without conversion.) This decoder is associated with a certain pattern of characters which must be matched in the coder for proper operation!

You can create price codes with this. Happy coding!

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Updated 6.28.11
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