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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. It is designed to convert real price values typed into the input field into the alpha price code values for the clothing industry, small retail shops in particular, thus creating a price code or combination of codes that can only be deciphered by you. Codes of this type are most frequently used by small business owners to identify the cost of items for resale and may have dates and wholesaler identification within as well. They may be used in other ways to encrypt numeric information. You can place the code on a small tag (or label) on the merchandise without fear of a customer determining your cost code or inventory date. Place the real or actual (cost) numeric prices in the input box for conversion (upper box), and click on Convert. (You may optionally put in a decimal or "/" if you desire.) The appropriate coded translation will appear in the lower box of the converter. (Depending on the browser's capability, the number to code translation MAY appear in real time characters.) In this translation, when the actual translated code appears, spaces between groups of code are symbolized with the plus character (+) for ease of separation and viewing. (Extra spaces and invalid characters are NOT considered by the translator.) For example, you might put in the date of purchase as 01/05/04, indicating that you bought the item on January 5th, 2004. The next character would be a space. Then put in 28.00 indicating your cost of that item, then another space. Then put in, for example, 123 which might be the vendor code for Jones Wholesale Clothing (the vendor you purchased the product from), based on a pre-designated list. The converter would translate that information into an item tag for you that is: vyzvqzvj + ntwvv + yno. By keying that tag into the decoder, you would get your original information back. There is no limit to the number of characters or groups; we have only used 3 groups but you could use many more if you needed. The only limitation is that they must have a numeric entry only, the exceptions being the possible and probable use of ".", "/" and size designations ABCDEFGSMLXP. (The sizes will pass through directly and not be encrypted.). This coder is associated with a certain pattern of characters which must be matched in the decoder for proper operation! You may do a "highlight and copy" with your mouse, highlighting and copying the generated code, click on the link below, paste the code in the entry portion of the decoder, and test if you wish.

You can de-code with this. Happy coding!

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Updated 6.28.11
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