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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is a variant of the Standard eCPM calculator. This calculator will combine separate eCPM's into a single eCPM with non-shared pageviews. It is specifically designed for a publisher running ads from multiple ad networks on a single page (but not sharing the same traffic). For instance, If a page is swapping out Google ads and Yahoo ads, the eCPMs will be tracked separately by the respective companies, but the page itself will have an eCPM of the two networks combined. A common mistake is averaging the two, which will not provide you with the correct eCPM. This will not be an accurate number if the ads are running alongside each other (i.e. sharing pageviews), only if they have separate traffic. This calculator will calculate for 3 ads on the same page. You can also use it to combine eCPMs for whatever purpose you can find.

eCPM equation
courtesy of Google
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