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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Unlike many other base converters that convert a base to or from decimal, this converts from the base of your choice to the base of your choice. It will allow (and correctly handle) non-integer conversion values (not bases) and works with reasonable negative number bases as well. Javascript characteristics do create some large number rounding for numbers greater than 12 Decimal base digits (base 10), 13 Hexadecimal (Hex) digits (base 16), 26 Octal digits (base 8) or 52 Binary digits (base 2), as examples. Other bases will have the same situation on large numbers, in relationship to the appropriate base. Numerically (no alphanumerical characters in the base fields), enter the integer base (in decimal, but not a decimal) to convert from, enter the integer base (in decimal) to convert to, and the number to be converted, relative to, and appropriate for the FROM base designation. Click on Convert.

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Updated 8.17.11

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