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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the mathematical life expectancy in years of the AVERAGE person based on various models of AVERAGE number of heart beats in a lifetime. This is based on a healthy heart with no other factors involved. Dr. Robert Jarvic, inventor of the artificial heart, indicates that the potential average number of heartbeats in a lifetime by a healthy heart is "greater than 2 billion" (2,000,000,000). The American Heart Association indicates the average potential is 2.6 billion. Other models range from 2 billion up to 2.9 billion. All of the estimates are qualified guesses and can neither be confirmed or discounted. You insert the figure you feel is best for your research. The average heart rate for adult humans is about 70 to 75 beats per minute in a normal relaxed mode, your pulse rate, according to the American Medical Association; they also indicate children range from about 90 to 120 beats per minute. Obviously each person is different and has different stress levels involved. We strongly suggest that if you are concerned about heart risk factors, you should contact your doctor and talk about your concerns. We have used the default values of 72 bpm and 2.6 billion life time beats. You should insert what YOUR rate is if you are using this calculator for yourself. That yields an anticipated lifespan of about 68.66 years. Other values returned are the number of beats of your heart per year, month, week and day, based on your data input into the calculator. You are free to change the input data. As of year 2000, the AMA, using insurance and medical records to compile data, determined that the average life span of a combined group of men and women in the United States was about 70.6 years. Other countries and other groups vary in length of average life.

The average adult body contains about 5.6 liters, roughly 6 quarts, of blood. The heart pumps approximately the entire body blood volume completely each minute. See our Heart Blood Volume Calculator.

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