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ASCII Extended Character Set

ASCII Extended Control Character Information

Microsoft and IBM PC DOS use the IBM PC Extended Character Set, or ECS for short. The lower 128 (7 bit) values are the same as the ASCII character set, but 8 bit values 128-255 map into the European characters differently from other available character sets, including that used within Windows.

One unusual and certainly non-conforming thing about ECS is that codes 0-31 and 128-159, which are historically assigned to non-printing control functions such as Carriage Return and Line Feed, are also assigned special graphics for use in situations where control functions are not needed or wanted. That is how you get happy faces, line-drawing characters, arrows and other special characters in ECS displays, along with sometimes needed European characters. This is a representation of the graphic symbols for character codes decimal 1 to 31 (normally ^A, control A, the SOH character, through ^_, control _, the US character).

ASCII Extended Control Characters

1=White happy face
2=Black happy face
7=Black bullet
8=White circle in Black square
9=Black outline circle
10=White outline circle
16=Right button
17=Left button
18=Up-down arrow
19=Double exclam
20=Paragraph ¶
22=Thick horizontal line
23=Up-down arrow, down underlined
24=Up thin arrow
25=Down thin arrow
26=Right arrow
27=Left arrow
28=Left corner
29= Circle with line through
30=Up button
31=Down button

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