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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to supply the acreage (number of acres), square feet, square yards and square inches, based on the values entered in feet and inches. You may enter only feet, only inches or a combination of both in either the width or length fields. The total width and length is updated automatically in total inches. This is an extremely useful calculator for real estate information. Click the Calculate button for all fields to be calculated. To do another, click the Clear Values button and then enter a new set of values. You may also wish to just change certain fields and recalculate. Calculated accuracy of current Javascript enabled browsers is generally 16 places. The defaults yield 1 acre; each result value is independent of the others and is a total in itself. If you are not aware of the exact dimensions of the property but you do already know the square footage, you may enter the square footage in the width field and the number 1 (one) in the length field. That will provide the information to the calculator to determine the rest of the information. Entries may be made in feet and/or inches (decimal fractions are legal). If you prefer, you can use our similar calculator that is in feet only for entry; or this one that allows entry in feet or meters.

The word acre is defined as meaning open field. The acre was approximately the amount of land estimated tillable by one man plowing behind an ox in one day. This explains one definition as the area of a rectangle with sides of length one chain (66 feet) and one furlong (660 feet). In reality, a long narrow strip of land is more efficient to plow than a square plot, since the plow does not have to be turned so often. The word furlong (most commonly used in horse racing) itself comes from the fact that it is one furrow long.

Other area calculators and volume calculators can be found here.

Required Area Dimensions
Area Width feet + inches = total inches width
Area Length feet + inches = total inches length

Calculated Results
Total Acreage
Total Square Yards
Total Square Feet
Total Square Inches
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