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Wireless Medical Telemetry Service Frequency Table

This table is the frequency chart for the legal Wireless Medical Telemetry Service. There are 3 designated ranges of frequencies. Each device must be registered for compliance and conflict avoidance. WMTS, as it is called, uses certified private use grade, low power transmitters similar to Personal Radio Services equipment. Eligible WMTS users are limited to authorized health care providers, which includes licensed physicians, healthcare facilities, and certain trained and supervised technicians. The healthcare facilities eligible for the WMTS are defined as those that offer services for use beyond 24 hours, including hospitals and other medical providers. Ambulances and other moving vehicles are not included within this definition.

The WMTS was officially adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), on June 8, 2000; this page was created the same day. The service rules for the equipment and use of the WMTS include limitations on transmitter output power, out of band emissions, and protection of other services. Users of the WMTS will be co-primary with the radio astronomy service operating in the 608 to 614 MHz frequency range and must not disrupt radio astronomy operations. WMTS devices are required to obtain written permission to be used for transmitting within 80 km of some radio astronomy facilities and within 32 km of other radio astronomy facilities. In addition, users of the upper frequency bands of the WMTS will have to coordinate with the current government (primarily military) users of these bands. The government uses of these frequencies are being phased out over the next few years. Information on these sites can be found in the appendices of the FCC Report and Order. MURS, CB, GMRS, FRS, WMTS and LPRS are all members of the Personal Radio Services as designated by the FCC. The Personal Radio Services should not be confused with the Personal Communications Services (PCS) in the 900 and 1900 MHz bands. This is the link to the FCC personal radio services available. You may also find interest in the Family Radio Service (FRS) Frequency Table, General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) Frequency Table, Multi-Use Service (MURS) Frequency Table and the Citizens Band Radio (CB) Frequency Table. WMTS is one of five Citizens Band Radio Services. The others are the (original) Citizens Band Radio Service at 27 MHz, the Low Power Radio Service (LPRS) at 216-217 MHz, the Medical Implant Communications Service (MICS) and the Family Radio Service (FRS) at 460 MHz.

WMTS Designated Frequency Ranges
WMTS 1 = 608 to 614 MHz
WMTS 2 = 1395 to 1400 MHz
WMTS 3 = 1429 to 1432 MHz

Updated: 9/12/11

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