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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script creates a wind speed converter that can convert six different speed units at one time. Type the wind velocity you want to convert into the know speed value box. Click on the corresponding Convert button and read the results in the other fields. Use the Clear Values button to start over. The Beaufort unit is given for a range of wind velocities, which are measured at an altitude of 10 m above plain ground in open surroundings. It is a calculated value and other values cannot be calculated from it. Generally, all wind speeds faster than 11 Beaufort are grouped together to 12 Beaufort. The scale is most often used for marine use; with the designated measurements divided into 12 values, as we have in our generally accepted Beaufort Scale Chart. Our calculator breaks the higher end winds down further and into a total of 15 designations (preferred by the National Weather Service); however, in either case, the higher the Beaufort value, the stronger the winds. All calculated results have been rounded to 5 significant digits.

Value and Unit Designation
Required Data Entry Of Any One Value
meters per second
kilometers per hour
miles per hour
feet per second
meters per minute
feet per minute
Calculated Results

Beaufort Scale Chart

Beaufort Avg miles
per hour
Avg km
per hour
Knots Surroundings
 0 0 0-1 Smoke rises vertically and the sea is glassy or mirror smooth
(light air)
1.2-3 2-5 1-3 Smokes moves slightly with breeze and indicates the direction of wind
(light breeze)
3.7 – 7.5 6 – 12 4-6 You can feel wind on your face and hear the gentle movement of leaves on trees and shrubs
(gentle breeze)
8 – 12.5 13 – 20 7-10 Smoke will move horizontally and small branches start to sway. Wind extends a light flag
(moderate breeze)
13 – 18.6 21 – 30 11-16 Loose dust or sand on the ground will move and larger branches will sway, loose paper blows around, and fairly frequent whitecaps occur
(fresh breeze)
19.3 - 25 31 – 40 17-21 Surface waves form on water and small trees sway
(strong breeze)
25.5 - 31 41 - 50 22-27 Trees begin to bend with the force of the wind and causes whistling in telephone wires and some spray on the sea surface
(moderate gale)
32 - 38 51-61 28-33 large trees sway
(fresh gale)
39 - 46 62-74 34-40 twigs break from trees, and long streaks of foam appear on the ocean
(strong gale)
47 - 55 75-89 41-47 branches break from trees
(whole gale) 
56 - 64 90-103 48-55 trees are uprooted, and the sea takes on a foamy white appearance
65 - 74 104-119 56-63 widespread damage
12 (hurricane) 75+ 120+ 64 + structural damage on land and intense storm waves at sea
Updated 8.12.11

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