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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script creates as close a conversion as is possible within the situation of converting dry volumes to a comparable volume in a wet measure standard. You must retain a relationship as there is a measure of weight or a measure of volume; the two do NOT cross boundaries. For instance, a pint (volume) of rice and a pint of lead sinkers occupy the same space but there is a significant difference in weight. An ounce of lead and an ounce of rice weight the same but there is a significant volume difference.

Enter a number in any one field and click on Convert. (Some browsers will not require clicking and will change immediately.) Read the conversions in all other fields. Various measurement units are used in this converter. Use it with caution and fully understand the implications of systems, weight and volume differences. Any such conversion is at best a close compromise.

For large (usually dry) measures:
One bushel (bu) is 4 pecks (pk) is 8 gallons.

For small measures (usually for wet usage):
4 gills (gi) is 1 pint, 8 US fluid drams (fl dr) or 8 U.K. drachm (fl dr) is one fluid ounce.

US Liquid "kitchen" measures:
One cup is 8 fluid ounces or half a pint (U.S.). 3 tea spoons is one table spoon is half a fluid ounce (U.S.).

One UK water ton is 224 (Imperial) Gallons.

Note that the US system and the Imperial system have a different amount of fluid ounces to a pint (especially if you are DRINKING a pint in the UK). Enter a "1" in either the Imperial or US field and click on convert to see the differences. Also see our Cooking Liquid And Dry Measure Conversion Tables.

Liters, Cubic Meters, Pint, Quart, Gallon
Enter A Value In Any One Of The Fields
DesignationAbbreviation Values
Cubic metersm3
Liters (dm3)l
Milliliters (cm3)ml
Measures Imperial (U.K., Canada) USA (Wet Measure) USA (Dry Measure)
Fluid Ouncesfl oz Not Applicable
Cubic Yardsyds3
Cubic Footft3
Cubic Inchin3
Rib Of Cube In Meters (m)

Updated 8.15.11

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