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Water Conversion Information

This information is of general interest in converting water information from one form to another. This conversion information can be used in virtually all water measurements.

Acre-feet x 43560= cubic feet
Acre-feet x 1613.3= cubic yards
Acre Feet x 325851= gallons
Acre-feet/day x 0.5= acre-inches/hour
Acre-feet/day x 226.3= gallons/minute
Acre-feet/day x 0.3259= million gallons/day
Cubic feet x 1728= cubic inches
Cubic feet x 0.03704= cubic yards
Cubic feet x 7.481= gallons
Cubic feet/second x 449= gallons/minute
Cubic feet/second x 38.4= Colorado miners' inches
Cubic feet/second x 0.02832= cubic meters/second
Feet of water x .0295= atmospheres
Feet of water x 62.43= pounds/square foot
Feet of water x .4335= pounds/square inch
Gallons x .1337= cubic feet
Gallons x 3.785= liters
Gallons of water x 8.33= pounds of water
Liters x 61.02= cubic inches
Liters x .001= cubic meters
Liters x .001308 = cubic yards
Liters x .2642 = gallons

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