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Ocean Water Density Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script determines the density of water as a function of temperature, salinity and pressure. A special thanks to Dr. Barry Klinger of George Mason University for his help with this script. It was originally written by R. Schlitzer in 1989 and then adapted to javascript for use on our site. In our calculator, enter the temperature in degrees C or F (click anywhere outside of any of the fields for the conversion), then enter your pressure in decibars and then the salinity.

The equation used in this calculator can be found in:
Millero, F, C. Chen, A Bradshaw, and K. Schleicher, 1980: A new high pressure equation of state for seawater, Deep Sea Research, Part A, 27, 255-264.

a simplified version of this calculator assumes surface pressure, can be found here:
Water Density (Surface Pressure)

Required Data Entry
Water Temperature in Degrees
Water Salinity PSU
Pressure Decibars

Calculated Results
Water Density kg/m3
Updated: 8/8/11

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