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This calculator requires the use of JavaScript enabled browsers. To calculate the live active storage space required and the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual network data transfer activity (also known as bandwidth use), just fill in the Streaming Duration fields (from 1 second to no more than 24 hours), the number of SSPs (simultaneous storage processes, also known as disk storage views) per day (typically 1) and the number of cameras in operation per day (all - at least 1 but no more than 20, for the same duration); then click on the Calculate button. The calculator will automatically calculate the average required storage capacity and estimate your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual network data transfer activity. You may also need to calculate the disk retention space required for a number of days and/or the archived and compressed tape space required.

You may change the value of any gray field, including the Actual Bit Rate field if you wish. Changing the value of ANY gray field will have an effect on all or some of the light blue calculated fields. You may input the time in all hours, all minutes or all seconds if you prefer, or any combination thereof so long as the total does not exceed 24 hours. All gray fields MUST have a numeric entry, even if it is 0 (zero). Because of the variable factors involved in the typical network and in different storage units, these values can be assumed as extremely close planning estimates only.

Factors Hours Minutes Seconds Total Cycles
Video Duration
Factors SSPs/Day Cameras/Day Retain Days Archive Days
Connectivity Transfer Method Actual Transfer Bit Rate Live Disk Primary Storage Required Active Disk Retention Storage Required Inactive Tape Archive Storage Required Network Data Transfer Activity (MB)
Network Speed (Kbps) (MB) (MB) (MB) Day Week Month Quarter Year
28.8K Modem
33.6K Modem
56K Modem
Single ISDN 64K
Dual ISDN 128K
DSL/Cable Low
DSL/Cable Med
ATM/Frame Relay

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