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Metric Vertical Climb Index Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Be aware that the term Vertical Index should not be confused with a grade. The VCI is an angle of attack and ascent. This calculator is designed to give the VCI on a hill or incline of any type. The calculation is good for any inclines (uphill), sometimes called upgrades. It is based on how much vertical change in meters takes place, over a given perpendicular horizontal distance. The horizontal distance is entered in meters and is based on straight line distance. Our example is for a 45 degree VCI. Over a 30 meter horizontal distance, if the elevation change is 30 meters, that is a 45 degree VCI. The horizontal complement is the angle require to attain a perpendicular to the horizontal distance plane. You may wish to use our standard non-metric version instead.

Vertical Climb Index
Required Data Entry
Vertical Height Meters
Horizontal Distance Meters

Calculated Results
Vertical Climb Index Degrees
Vertical Climb Distance Meters
Horizontal Perpendicular Complement Degrees
Version 1.2.8

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