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Video Camera Streaming
Throughput Engineering Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script creates calculations to estimate approximate throughput data your remote monitoring, safety or surveillance system. This information is probably useful only to system engineers and network managers. Enter the number of cameras (at least 1 is required) and the compression data rate in kbits/sec (kilobits per second). Enter the available storage space for the streaming video. The calculator returns logical conversions for the data rate for minutes, hours and days. The recording times available are individual results and not a combination of days, hours and minutes. The available storage is based directly on the data rate, assuming 1024 for a mega, giga and tera conversion factor.

Required Data Entry
Number Of Video Cameras
Compression Data Rate kbits/sec
Disk Space Available GB
Calculated Results

Conversion mbits/sec
Conversion mbits/min
Conversion kBytes/sec
Conversion kBytes/min
Conversion mBytes/sec
Conversion mBytes/min
Conversion mBytes/hr
Conversion mBytes/day
Conversion gBytes/min
Conversion gBytes/hr
Conversion gBytes/day
Conversion tBytes/hr
Conversion tBytes/day
Recording Time Available Days
Recording Time Available Hours
Recording Time Available Minutes
Updated 6/19/11

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