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True Wind Speed And Direction Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script will determine the difference between vessel heading and true wind direction and true wind speed. Difference between vessel heading and apparent wind direction and apparent wind speed must be provided. Note that if apparent wind speed is supplied in knots, it is necessary to supply the ship speed in knots. Click on Calculate. This is typically a marine application and the defaults are for "near sea level". Units of vessel speed defines an approximate speed relationship; for instance, 2 units of vessel speed is about twice the speed of the vessel.

Required Data Entry
Apparent Wind Speed Units of Vessel Speed Knots
Actual Vessel Speed Knots
Difference Between Heading
And Apparent Wind Direction

Calculated Results
Difference Between Heading
And True Wind Direction
Rounded Difference Between
Heading And True Wind Direction
True Wind Speed Units Of Vessel Speed
Rounded True Wind Speed Units Of Vessel Speed
True Wind Speed Knots
Rounded True Wind Speed Knots
Updated 8.17.11

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