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HTML Text Box Code Generator

This combination code generator and calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This Basic JavaScript HTML Text Box Code Generator utility, one of the most extensive on the Internet, is designed to create an HTML textarea box for use in HTML files on the Internet. They can be for data input or data output. We strongly suggest this or something like this for most non-professional website builders as it offers protection from incorrectly formed HTML textarea code. You may use this effective code producing generator form to quickly create textarea boxes for your site's page. This generator will create legitimate textarea boxes that not only include the basic structure, but a ToolTip Popup Title for the textarea box, height and width of the box, sizes of an optional image in pixels, border size, backgrounds for the box, the text (and text effects) you want your viewers and page users to alternatively click on. All colors are selected by one of two Color Selectors. The one on the left is faster and more advanced but does not work in all browsers. The one on the right does; both choose the same amount of and hues of colors. Simply fill in the fields, select your options and click on Generate TextArea Code. If you wish to test the code, be sure to check the "Create Test Window" box, prior to generating the code. The test page is fully resizable and will test all parts of the options; if you do not see the option fully, enlarge the page. You may also click on Clear Values and start over; you can view the source of the test page to see how it "fits into" the page. Your ready to cut and paste code will appear in the area below. If you see that there are items you wish to change, you only need to change the boxes that have the content you wish to change and then click on the Generate TextArea Code button again. The modified ready to cut and paste information will over write what was there previously. You may cut and paste in a conventional manner, click on Select Code and then use Control-C to apply it to the clipboard, or you may click on Copy All To The Clipboard and then paste into the document of your choice. Be sure to test in all browsers you anticipate your viewers will use; all options do NOT work in all browsers but they degrade nicely. NOTE: The generated code is fully HTML 3, 4 and 5 compliant and can also easily be changed manually. If you feel you want a greater capability including the button structure and the form structure, try our Advanced JavaScript HTML Text Box Code Generator.

Required Data Entry
Properties Of Text Box
Name Of Text Box
ID Of Text Box
Title Of Text Box
Class Of Text Box
Text Box Width How many columns wide?
Text Box Height How many rows high?
Box Default Text
Readonly or Accessible
Disabled or Enabled State
Text Wrap Within Box
Appearance Of Text Box
Font Family
Font Size
Font Text Color Basic Color Selector   Alternate Color Selector   
Background Color Basic Color Selector   Alternate Color Selector   
Background Image
Background Image Appearance
Background Image Scrolling
Background Image Position
Border Width
Border Style
Border Color Basic Color Selector   Alternate Color Selector   

Check to Create Test Window.

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and use Ctrl-C to copy the code to your clipboard

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