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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script creates a good estimate of the space you will need for storing certain items, hopefully temporary storage. The space could be in a storage shed, a storage warehouse, a section of your garage, a closet, your barn, the airplane hanger or even an unused room in your home. Fill in each appropriate item with a value that you feel is applicable to your situation. Estimation is the key when selecting items. You may not have a set of golf clubs but something of that size and not listed here could use that as a substitute. Be creative!

Living Room Portable Bar Cabinet Floor Lamp
Bookcase Coffee Table End Table
Occasional Chair Rocker Overstuffed Chair
Sofa Sofa bed Loveseat
Area Rug Daybed Entertainment Center
Audio Visual Console TV   Portable TV CD Player 
Receiver      Tape Deck Turntable
Floor Speakers  Computer  Other
Dining Room/ Kitchen Buffet   Hutch China Cabinet
Dining Table   Kitchen Table Chair 
Bedroom Single Mattress  Box spring  Head / Foot boards
Double Mattress    Box spring Head / Foot boards
Queen Mattress     Box spring Head / Foot boards
King Mattress  Box spring Head / Foot boards
Dresser  Night Table  Armoire
Nursery Baby Crib/Bed   Carriage  Bath
Chest     Toy Chest Child's Chair
Chair Table  Playpen
Appliances Air Conditioner      Dehumidifier Microwave Oven
Refrigerator  Freezer Range
Dishwasher Washing Machine Dryer
Sewing Machine    Vacuum Cleaner Other
Sports Bicycle    Exercise Bike Game/Pool Table
Golf Equipment   Fishing Tackle Other
Other Desk  Credenza  File Box
2 Drawers Filing Cabinet 4 Drawers Filing Cabinet Wardrobe Box
2 Foot Box 4 Foot Box  6 Foot Box
Suitcase   Power Tools Other

Estimated Storage Options

Estimated Total

5' X 10' = 400 Cubic Feet
6' X 8' x 8'= 384 Cubic Feet
10' X 5' x 8'= 400 Cubic Feet
10' X 6' x 8'= 480 Cubic Feet
10' X 10' x 8'= 800 Cubic Feet
10' X 15' x 8' = 1200 Cubic Feet
10' X 20' x 8' = 1600 Cubic Feet
10' X 30' x 8' = 2400 Cubic Feet
20' X 20' x 8' = 3200 Cubic Feet
20' X 30' x 8' = 4800 Cubic Feet
Cubic Feet
Updated 8.15.11

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