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Slot Machine Simulation

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator simulates a simple slot machine. The display shows three possible variables and uses only three variables. Most actual slot machines that are 3 unit displays use ten variables or more, cutting down the chances of winning significantly. Our purpose in this simulations is to show how poor your odds are in winning in real life. This is about a 50-50 chance. each new variable reduces the odds (without going into a long formula) by about another 50 percent. While you might win some good experience here (and that is all...), it won't cost you anything in the process!

From a programming point of view, we have also tried to show how certain combinations can be weighted (by making them negative in reward). This sort of algorithm can be a part of real slots as well. Use caution in the real world.

The May Not Be Representative Of Real World Winning Odds

Three Variable Simulation


Current Account: Tokens
Session Total Account Change: Tokens
Each Spin Costs 1 Token
Spins: This Session
Win or Loss: This Spin
Win or Loss: This Session
Investment This Spin: This Spin
Investment Total: This Session
Spin Display Spin Value Spin Display Spin Value
®®® -5 ®#® -1
®@® -1 ®@@ +1
##® +1 ®## +1
#®# +1 @@® +2
@#@ +2 @®@ +2
#@# +2 #@@ +3
@## +3 @@# +4
##@ +4 ### +5
@@@ +10 all others 0
Updated 8.17.11

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