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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. The purpose of this calculator is to provide approximate size of page information, based on data you enter. In this calculation, each image and each frame is subject to overhead of 0.22 secs and 315 bytes. The time factor is the requirement of the browser sending a request to the server to ask for the image or frame. The 315 bytes is the browser (HTTP) overhead for every image or frame. Images are often used more than once in a website, such as the background, logo, and navigation buttons. Assuming the cache is set normally, they are loaded only once into the cache of the browser, usually on the first viewed page. For calculation purposes, that overhead does not need to be recalculated. This is true of frames also since they are the same from page load to page load. Adjust the values to information for your site, then click on Calculate. The size calculations are rounded to three places (keep in mind that a KB is 1024 bytes). You may do another by clicking on Clear Values.

We have entered defaults for all of the required entries, though you will most likely need to change them. Enter the data you feel is appropriate for your site. Maximum Acceptable Download Time is a choice that you must make. Keep in mind that there are still people out there with slow modems. 10 to 20 seconds per page is an acceptable average. Average Number Of Images Per Page is for your site. Remember that there is some overhead with images, especially large ones; there is also overhead with frame structures. Average Number Of Frames Per Page is for your site also. We suggest that you keep the number low. User Connectivity Speed is the speed of the modem, cable, DSL or other connection. Your problem is the worst possible case modem and the plight of if you should consider it. The answer is probably in most cases. An example is a 33.6K modem 33600 bits per second, if operating at maximum capacity. Often that is reduced to 26400 or less because of line quality or noise. The Maximum Size Of Page is a total for everything loading in the page.

Required Data Entry
Maximum Acceptable Download Time Seconds
Average Number Of Images Per Page Images
Average Number Of Frames Per Page Frames
User Connectivity Speed Bits Per Second

Calculated Results
Maximum Size Of Page Bytes
Maximum Size Of Page KiloBytes
Maximum Size Of Page MegaBytes
Updated 6.07.11

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