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This combination code generator and calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Our Basic HTML Table Code Generator will create multi-row and column data designated tables that can enhance the appearance and functionality of your website; they are also HTML 3 compliant and style ready. Tables format your presentation for easy review by your page visitor. We use tables EXTENSIVELY on our site and the majority of them were built by our own table generators. For the non-programmer (and many seasoned programmers), building a table to display tabled data on a page is an often overwhelming and confusing task; troubleshooting them can be a nightmare! Just ONE incorrectly placed or spelled part of a table causes the entire table to fail. Our generator gets you started correctly; maintaining it and modifying the table after the creation is up to you. Enter the minimum data for what you want with your table into the form below and our generator will build all of the tags for an HTML 3 compliant table with the number of columns and rows that you specify. The table components are clearly marked for your data. Instant tables! Just add water and your data; OK, so forget the water!

These tables created by our generator will work if added to "old pages" that are already in place, or new ones; they will work on brand new pages to get a great start.

Enter an integer value for the number of Columns and Rows; generally the columns are a single digit number but the sky is the limit for rows. Our defaults are 4 for each producing a 4x4 table grid of 16 locations. If you desire to have a Header Row or a Footer Row, check the appropriate box or boxes; they are independent of each other. An unchecked box is a NO indication. The default is NO on both choices though they are handy and attractive options. When you feel the data is correct, click on Generate HTML Table Code and your table will appear in the data box. You can Copy Code To The Clipboard on MOST browsers and computers by clicking that button but you can manually highlight and copy the data on ALL computers. You can also test your choices by clicking on Test Code. A representation of your table will appear in a new window which you MAY have to allow to open, based on the settings of YOUR browser. If you wish to make a change after the data has been generated, just change the item you wish and click on Generate HTML Table Code again and the new data will overwrite the old code; or you can click on ClearCode Boxes and start fresh. All values are modifiable even after the table has been generated and is in place on your site. We also have many other code generators available for your use on our HTML and JavaScript Code Generators page. Enjoy!

Required Data Entry
Number of Rows
Number of Columns
Header Row Checked = Yes
Footer Row Checked = Yes

Highlight and copy the text below for your HTML Table Code!

Version 3.7.1

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